First observing session of this year!

I was obsserving for first time this year 31./1.2.2011 in my Parainen observing site. Sky was clear, but it was very windy. Temperature was only -2 °C, but because of the wind, it felt much colder. Winter Milky way near Orion was visible as good as it ever can be here in Finland, but NELM wasn’t too good, it was only around 5,7. Background sky was as dark as possible, but transparency was not so good. Objects observed this time were NGC 2301, Christmas tree cluster and Messier 47 with NAE.

Summary of this session:
-Session id: #10/10-11
-Date: 31./1.2.2011
-Time: 21.55-23.35
-Instrument: N250/1200 mm, naked eye
-Site: Stormälö, Parainen
-Conditions: NELM 5,7; seeing 2; background sky 1, windy, -2 °C
-Objects observed: NGC 2301, Messier 47 and NGC 2264 (The Christmas tree cluster)

NGC 2264 – The Christmas tree cluster


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