Small nebulae and problems with freezing

Second time I was observing this year was very interesting. Weather was brilliant, it was completely calm and only – 2°C. Only problems were caused by high amount of moisture in the air. Because of that, transparency wasn’t as good as it might be and also because it was so calm – the moisture was condensing and freezing to all surfaces — including all mirrors and lenses of my scope. And I also heard fox screaming somewhere at distance, that was little bit spooky!

Nevertheless, I was able to see and sketch following objects: NGC 1999, Jonckheere 900, Collinder 121 and Collinder 65 with NAE. I had planned to observe much more, but because of intense moisture problem I had to quit observing earlier than I had planned.

NGC 1999 is a small emission nebula in Orion, just south of Sword of Orion, it is tiny but very interesting: there is a big dark globule visible in the nebula, I just wasn’t able to see that because of poor conditions. Jonckheere 900 is at least apparently even smaller nebula. It is a small planetary nebula in Gemini. Collinder 121 is a large, sparse and poor OCL in Canis Major, which is at quite low altitude here in Finland. Collinder 65 is similar cluster in Taurus, but this one is better visible than the one in Cma.

Summary of this session:

-Session id: #11/10-11
-Date: 2./3.2.2011
-Time: 20.25-22.45
-Instrument: N250/1200 mm, naked eye
-Site: Stormälö, Parainen
-Conditions: NELM 6,0; seeing 2; background sky 1, calm, -2 °C
-Objects observed: NGC 1999, Jonckheere 900, Collinder 121, Collinder 65 NAE

NGC 1999 – A small emission nebula in Orion


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