Here under the Polaris and first aurorae in six years!

Since the beginning of this month, I have been in Sodankylä in Lappland, Northern Finland. I came here to work, but luckily I also have some freetime for amateur astronomy. I will be here until the end of september, but nevertheless I will do some short trips to southern Finland also during this time.

Currently I don’t have any telescope here with me, but I’m doing observations of weather everyday and I’m also doing some observations of celestial phenomenae with naked eye. Nevertheless, I’m planning to take some telescope here or buy a new one, perhaps some suitable lens scope to observe objects of our Solar system and other objects.

Sun has been getting more active during this year, and that is causing aurorae borealis more frequently. 7.3.2011 I managed to see my first aurorae in six years! During that night, there was a magnificent aurorae show in the sky, it was a complex and rapidly changing band -type display! There was a bright band almost in the zenith and other band at lower altitude in northern sky. The band straight ahead was complexly striated, and those striations moved rapidly along the band. The display was also very bright, but still their color was white/pale green.

Here are the specs for the show:

Date: 7.3.2011
Time: 21.24-21.50
Observing place: Sodankylä
NELM: 4,4
SQM: ~19,12
Weather: clear sky, -2 °C

Upper limit for the aurorae: 130° (southernmost aurorae around Auriga)
Condition: a1, a2, active, striations moving rapidly along the band, band moving and changing its shape rapidly
Quality: C, coronary
Structure: S, striated
Shape: B, band
Brightness: 3 (range from 0 to 4)
Colour class: c (white/green/yellow)


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