A new telescope

I had long been thinking to buy a telescope suitable for observing the objects of our Solar system. I had several different possibilities in my mind, but after all I decided to invest 500 € in Celestron Omni XLT 102, which is a achromat refractor with 102mm lens and focal ratio 9,8 and with CG 4 german equatorial mount. I bought that scope from Ylva Astronomy, which is a small finnish company that is importing and selling amateur astronomy equipment in Finland. Last time I bought a SQM -L device from Ylva, and I had very good service and short delivery time, and that was also the case now!

Okay, so I received a delivery notification by SMS -message. Then I went to the Matkahuolto customer service place at bus station in Sodankylä (the parcels were delivered by Matkahuolto, a bus and a logistics company) and picked up the parcels (in total three parcels). In first parcel was the telescope itself, and in second was the mount of the scope and in third was the Baader Astrosolar arc for solar observations. All parts of this delivery were well packed and all parts that should be in the packets were there.

The setting up of the scope was relatively easy and intuitive, though I had to see the manual for help few times. The mount of the scope seems to be very rigid and functional. The only slight problem is with the polar alignment. It should be possible to adjust the declination axis along the geographical latitude of observer in any place of the globe. But with this scope it is limited to ~20° – 60° so you cannot do the polar alignement properly near the Equator or the Poles. And because my current latitude is 67, I’m out of the adjustment range. This is luckily only slight problem, because I’m not planning to use the scope for astro photography (a field of amateur astronomy, where proper polar alignment is important).

And of course, when you buy a new telescope, it’s cloudy, because a new telescope in the house is very effective cloud magnet! And that is the case also this time. So I haven’t yet experienced the first light with this scope, and thus I cannot say anything about the quality of optics, yet!

Here are some photos of the setting up process of this scope:

Setting up of the scope took time about 45 minutes.


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