Sunspot observations in May 2011

In may Sun was shining in many days during May here in Finland. In the beginning of May, I was unfortunately in Southern Finland, where I didn’t have proper equipment for solar obsevations, so there is a gap in observation series. And when I came back to Sodankylä, there was a cloudy period of several days, so I wasn’t able to make observations.

Nevertheless, I was able to make observations in late May. In late May, there was a quiet period with very little sunspots for three days, but in 26th of May the activity began to rose again. In the last days of May, the sunspot number was nearly 100, and there was a one large sunspot producing relatively large flares which caused aurorae. According to, many observers have made aurora observatios in the midde latitudes of both Northern- and Southern hemispehres. For example, observatios have came from Alberta, Kanada, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Here are my sunspot observations from may as a table:

And as a graph:

With sunny greetings,



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