Midnight sun eclipse was seen in Northern Finland

Observed phenomena: Solar eclipse
Type of eclipse: Partial, 59%
Type of observation: Positive
Date and time: 1.6.2011, 22:30-23:50
Observing place: Utsjoki, Finland
Observing method: Photography, digiscoping
Technical information about photographing equipment: Camera: Olympus mu 1030 SW, astrosolar filter, L102/1000mm -telescope
Observing conditions: Clear sky

The rare eclipse of the midnight sun was seen 1.-2.6.2011 in many places of Northern Scandinavia, including Utsjoki, Finland. Me and 25  other eclipse enthusiasts were lucky to see the eclipse in the top of the Ailigastunturi fell, Utsjoki, Finland.

I’m not a photgrapher, but I tried to take some photos just through the ocular. I was using my 102/1000mm lens scope, Astrosolar filter and Olympus Mu 1030 SW digital camera.

The eclipse was partial, in the total phase 59% of the Sun was behind the Moon. The weather was favourable during the whole event, sky was clear, although it was slightly chilly. But the coldness wasn’t a problem because the there were a camp fire in the top of the fell where one could grill sausages and drink coffee offered by the village association of Utsjoki! All in all, this eclipse was memorable and fascinating event, which won’t happen again until 2015 here in Finland. Thanks for all those wonderful people who were there with us to share and witness that amazing natural phenomenon!


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