Unvisibility report of the total summer lunar eclipse

Observed phenomena: Lunar eclipse
Type of eclipse: Total
Type of observation: Negative
Date and time: 14./16.6.2011, 01:00-01:15
Observing place: Ruka, Kuusamo, Finland
Observing conditions: Mostly clear sky, some high clouds/haze in the horizon, Moon propably below horizon

Last night 15/16.6.2011 happened a total lunar eclipse, that was historically long, it’s duration was about 100 minutes! That eclips was visible in most places of the Globe, but unfortunately Northern America and the Arctic regions were out of the visibility range of this eclipse. I tried to see at least a glimps of Moon in Earth’s shadow from Kuusamo, NE Finland, slightly south of the Arctic circle. My observing place was Ruka fell, whose peak is 500 m above the sea surfice level. Ruka is the highest peak of the Koillismaa region, but still, I wasn’t able to see the Moon.

I had estimated with Skymap that the Moon should have been visible for a short moment just above horizon. But still, it wasn’t visible. There were some clouds in the horizon in almost all directions. So it might be so, that Moon might have been behind the clouds – or it also might have been below the horizon. So this time I cannot do anything else but an negative observation of this phenomenon.

View from Ruka hill

Anyway, the view from the top of Ruka was amazing! This picture has been taken to north, the direction of the Midnight Sun, where our Daystar was at very low altitude obscured by clouds!


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