Sunspots June 2011

In June, I spent most of my time in municipality of Kuusamo, in NE Finland, where my observing site was a famous holiday resort, Ruka. Nevertheless, I wasn’t having a holiday there but working! Anyway, scenary was absolutely stunning and beautiful and it was almost just like having a holiday!

In June, I got many chanches of making observations of sunspots. Actually, in June I was able to make in total 18 observations, best amount of observations so far during this year!

In very early June, solar activity was high, and the Wolf’s number was over 100 for couple of days. And then to mid June, Wolf’s number was going down, and it fell under 20 for couple of days, but then it went again up to 40 around mid June. Around Midsummer festival I wasn’t able to make observations, but during the two last days of June, Wolf’s number was slightly over 30.

Here you can see the summary of my observations in June as a table:

And as a graph:

With sunny greetings,



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