Re-starting observing season 2011-2012

Observing session #5/11-12

About a month ago, I spent couple of weeks in Turku, where nights were already getting dark. I was also able to make some night sky -observations then. But then I had to go north again back to Sodankylä, which also meant that there would be a considerable break for me in the observing season that had just started while I was in Turku.

Nevertheless, now nights are getting dark enough for night time observations also here up north! And this means, that I’m able to re-start my observing season! I did my re-start in village called Aavasaksa in the western Lapland, very close to Swedish border. In the Aavasaksa village is situated a hill called Aavasaksanvaara, and I was able to re-start my observing season on top of the hill in 24/25.8.2011. The night was very short, and I was able to make observations during deep nautical twilight. Anyway, the night was already dark enough that I was able to see the most brightest parts of the Milky Way!

Because I had to be working in the next morning, I wasn’t able to observe all night till sunrise. During the night I made observation of R Cyg, whose brightness had dropped from 10.1 to 11.0. Besides that, I made also SQM -measurements, and I actually got relatively good readings: SQM (zenith) 19,92 and NELM 5,1.

And now I’m just waiting clear nights…

Summary of obs session #5/11-12
Date: 24/25.8.2011
Time: 00.30-01.00
Place: Aavasaksa, Ylitornio, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm, naked eye
Objects observed: R Cyg,
Conditions: NELM: 5.1, SQM: 19.92, clear sky, nautical twilight, moist and warm air


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