Sunspots in August 2011

During the August, weather was not so favourable as it was in July, and I was able to make only 18 observations, which is still quite good amount! In August, It was possible for me and for many others to witness the growth and fading of couple of gigantic sunspt groups in early August. Actually, those sunspots groups were so large, that it was possible to see them with naked eye! Actually I was able to see them in four days in row in early August. I made NAE observations in ten days in August. The average NAE spot number in those days was 0,6. But the total amount of my observations was 18, and it is very reasonable to assume, that there wasn’t any NAE spots in the Sun after the four first days of August, which means that my NAE average would be 0,3 (2+2+1+1/18 = 0,333). Besides those gigantic spots, there was also the second spotless day of this year in August. (according to there has been one spotless day in this year before august), that happened 14.8. After that, the amount of sunspots was going up again.

My sunspot observations in August 2011 as a table:

My sunspot observations in August 2011 as a graph:

It is reasonable to assume, that this August might have been the last complete month with solar observations for me this year. The reason to this is the fact that winter is getting closer, and the altitude of the Sun is getting lower and lower and also the weather might not be so good during autumn that it was in summer. I think it is possible to do at least some solar observations in early september, but after that, I think the solar observing season is over for this year.

With sunny greetings,



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