Observing in Aska village 19./20.9.2011

I was able to do some observing again in 19./20.9.2011 in village of Aska, 20 km north of Puolanka town. This time sky was clear, but the Moon was still in the sky. Also there was some cloud front coming from the west, and there were some high clouds in the sky. Nevertheless, in early evening, I got SQM readings of ~20.8, and the sky was quite dark before the Moon started to rise. This time I was observing R CrB (which still was below the limiting magnitude of my telescope, it’s brigthness was <11.1),R Tri (6.7 mag) and T Cas (11.7), the latter two were new stars to me.

Summary of obs session #9/11-12
Date: 19./20.9.2011
Time: 22.10-01.15
Place: Aska, Puolanka, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm
Objects observed: R CrB, R Tri, T Cas
Conditions: NELM: 6.0, SQM: 20.72, + 3 – -2 °C, mostly clear sky, some high clouds, calm, 57% Moon in the sky at altitude of ~20° in east


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