Observing in Parainen 22./23.9.2011

I came to Turku last week and spent couple of days there. During my visit to Turku, I was lucky, and I could make some observations under dark skies of Parainen in the Archipelago of Turku! I had always known that my observing site (Stormälö) in Parainen is a really good place to observe, but now I would be able to get some numerical data from there with my SQM-L device!

The night was considerably dark and the sky was clear most of the time. Air was pretty warm, but it was quite windy.

Objects that I observed during that night were R CrB, U Umi and Messier 27, so I was also able to make deep sky -observing first time since February! I will add the sketch of Messier 27 later. This time I think I was able to see R CrB, it’s brightness was about 13,5 mag and it only glimpsed in the field couple of times.

Conclusions: SQM reading was better than 21, which means that Stormälö is really a very good observing place!

Summary of obs session #10/11-12
Date: 22./23.9.2011
Time: 22.00-00.15
Place: Stormälö, Parainen, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm
Objects observed: R CrB, U Umi, Messier 27
Conditions: NELM: 6.6, SQM: 21.22, + 15 – 10 °C, mostly clear sky, windy


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