The Deep Sky -meeting 23.-25.9.2011

The attenders of the Deep Sky -meeting, © Jari-Pekka Savojoki

The traditional meeting of the finnish deep sky -observers was organized at the Tähtikallio observatory of Ursa in Artjärvi, Finland. The amount of attenders this time was about 30 people.

In Friday, there were not much anything happening, but the action really started in Saturday. During Saturday, we started off with the traditional last seasons observation/sketch -review with me and Linda Laakso, then we continued with Linda with the presentation of observing program for the next season (protoplanetary nebulas). After that, we had the section meeting, where the new sketching cards were introduced. Besides that, there was also some discussion about the future of the EDL -magazine of the deep sky section. Jaakko Saloranta has made a proposal of giving new life to the EDL magazine as a digital publication that would have 1-2 issues/year.

After the section meeting, we heard the lecture given by Toni Veikkolainen about open star cluster off the plane of the Milky way. Then Riku Henriksson gave us a status update of the Olympos -observatory project near city of Tampere, Finland. After Riku, the stage was ready for Arto Oksanen, who gave us very interestinf and fascinating lecture about supernovas and gamma ray -bursts (GRBs). Then we heard two minilectures by Jaakko Saloranta abut his observing trip to SW USA and about supernova remnants. The last but not liest showpiece was of course the traditional deep sky -quiz, this hosted by Iiro Sairanen. Also this time, as many times during recent years, Toni Veikkolainen was the one who the most, and thus he got the victory!

Weather was poor during the first night, only couple of stars were visible from the holes in the clouds. But the second night was something unbelievable! The sky was clear most of the time, and people could do some serious stargazing! The background sky was pretty dark (NELM 6.6, SQM 21.3) altough it has been much darker, at least according to Veikko Mäkelä.

People were observing with their own instruments, but also the gigantic Astrofox -telescope (with 91 cm primary mirror) was in use, and many people could see some fascinating DSOs with that. I was also there watching some objects with Linda Laakso. The objects we saw were Messier 27, Messier 15 (+ Pease 1), Messier 31 & 32 and Veil nebula (at least part f it). The objects I observed and sketched with my own modest refractor were Messier 1 and Messier 101 with SN2011fe. And to be honest, this was my first supernova that I have ever seen! The supernova was visible as a 10 magnitude star in the southern edge of the galaxy.

All in all, the deep sky -meeting was really succesful and memorable event, big thanks for all you who made it possible!

Summary of obs session #11/11-12
Date: 24/25.9.2011
Time: 22.30-05.20
Place: Tähtikallio observatory, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm
Objects observed: Messier 1, Messier 101 with SN2011fe
Conditions: NELM: 6.6, SQM: 21.32, + 6 °C, mostly clear sky, calm


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