Observing in Kersilö

Last night it was clear sky, and I went into my observing place in Kersilö to watch some stars! Observing conditions were good in principle (sky was clear and it wasn’t too cold and there was no aurorae in the sky), but the Moon was shining brightly and though it was ruining the darkness of background sky. Nevertheless, I observed Sn2011fe and U Umi. Both are getting fainter now, the brightness of the supernova was aroud 11,7 magnitudes, U Umi’s brightness was about 9,8 magnitudes. Also the Moon and Jupiter were very close to each other – a really beautiful celestial conjunction!

Observing session: #16/11-12
Date: 13/14.10.2011
Time: 21.00-22.45
Place: Kersilö, Sodankylä, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm
Objects observed: Sn2011fe, U Umi
Conditions: NELM: 5.0, SQM: 19.06, -1 °C – -6 °C, clear sky, calm, 97% moon at altitude of 30° in southeastern sky.


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