Observing in Utsjoki

Last night (17./18.10.2011) I got chance to do observations in Utsjoki, the second northernmost village of Finland! I was having a holiday trip there in northernmost Finland and Norway, and I of course had my observing gear with me there. Last night it was clear sky in the evening, but the Moon was shining and there were some high clouds in the sky. Nevertheless, I could make at least one observation! I observed Sn2011fe, which is already getting faint, it’s brightness was below 11.7 magnitudes, and this was first time when I couldn’t even see it at all! I think that the unvisibility of the supernova was partly because of the poor conditions’ it might have been visible without the Moon.

But then just before midnight, thick fog started to rise from the river Tenojoki (which is the border river between Finland and Norway, the village of Utsjoki is situated by the river) and eventually it forced me to stop observing. The weather was actually surprisingly warm, the lowest temperature that night was only -1 °C, which is not bad when considering the fact that I was observing on the latitude N69.9°!

Observing session: #17/11-12
Date: 13/14.10.2011
Time: 22.20-23.45
Place: Utsjoki, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm
Objects observed: Sn2011fe
Conditions: NELM: 5.7, SQM: 19.72, +1 °C – -1 °C, some high clouds, calm, 73% moon at altitude of 16° in eastern sky. Fog was rising from the Teno -river before midnight and it forced me to stop observing.


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