Observing in surprisingly good conditions in Kersilö!

Last night sky got clear, and I went to Kersilö to do some observations. When I arrived in my observing site, I was really happy to see, that the sky was really dark, and that there was no northern lights or Moon interfering my observations!

Last night I aimed my scope to the supernova of Messier 101, and this time I could see it! Then I got also confirmation to my assumption about the reason for it’s invisibility during last observing sessions, which was of course poor conditions (Moon in the sky, light background sky). Anyway, the supernova is getting fainter, it’s brightness was nearly 12 magnitudes.

I also observed R CrB, which was fainter than 12.8 magnitudes. Then I observed also R Tri, which is very close to it’s maximum (it’s brightness was slightly over 5 magnitudes). The last variable star for yesterday was Z uma, whose brightness was 7.7 magnitudes.

The last object for last night was Messier 15. With my 102/1000mm scope @67x this globular cluster was visible as round, fuzzy spot with bright and condensed core. The object appeared to granulated with averted vision, but only few single stars was visible.

Observing conditions were good during the whole observing session, although later during my observing session, an auroral arc started to rise northern sky, and about at 11pm, it started to get brighter and it affected the darkness of the background sky slightly. SQM was about 21.40 at it’s best, but it dropped to 21.15 because of increased auroral activity.

Observing session: #18/11-12
Date: 21/22.10.2011
Time: 20.15-23.15
Place: Kersilö, Sodankylä, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm
Objects observed: Sn2011fe, R CrB, R Tri, Z Uma, Messier 15
Conditions: NELM: 6.9, SQM: 21.38, +2 °C – -1 °C, clear sky, light SW breeze, aurora arc in northern sky, no Moon


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