Quick observations from the yard of my apartment

Last night the sky got clear, and I set up my scope in the yard of my apartment in Sodankylä to make quick observations. This time I observed Z Uma (7.7 mag) , R Tri (5.4 mag) and Z And (9.0 mag). The brightness of these stars hasn’t changed much since last observation. I didn’t try to observe the supernova of Messier 101, because it’s already so faint that it’s difficult to do confident observations with my scope.

Observing conditions were quite good, the sky was clear, there was no Moon or northern lights disturbing. The only annoying thing was the light pollution around, but I could eliminate much of that by going in the shadow of on trash -bin shelter in the yard.I also got SQM readigs over 21, which is not bad in that kind of place!

Observing session: #19/11-12
Date: 29/30.10.2011
Time: 20.40-22.10
Place: Sodankylä, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm
Objects observed: R Tri, Z Uma, Z And
Conditions: NELM: 6.3, SQM: 21.08, +1 °C, clear sky, calm, no aurorae, no Moon


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