Observing in coldest temperature so far during this winter

Last night the sky was clear here in sodankylä, and it was also very cold! The coldest temperature last evening was -16 °C! Also the snow cover on the ground has got thicker, now it’s thickness is about 10 cm! The sky was relatively dark last night, because Moon was below horizon. The street lights in the yard of my apartment were interfering, as usually.

Last night I observed R Tri, Z Uma and Z And. There hasn’t been any dramatic, unexpected activity in these stars. R Tri is getting fainter (it’s brightness was 6.7 magnitudes), and now also brightness of Z Uma seems to be dropping, it’s brightness was 7.5 magnitudes. The brightness of Z And has been quite stable since the late July when I started to observe it. It’s brightness yesterday evening was 8.9.

It would have been possible to make even more observations, but I had to quit because I had to go sleeping and my fingers were already almost completely frozen!

Observing session: #24/11-12
Date: 27/28.11.2011
Time: 19.35-21.05
Place: Sodankylä, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000mm
Objects observed: R Tri, Z Uma, Z And
Conditions: NELM: 5.7, SQM: 19.50, -16 °C, mostly clear sky, calm, no aurorae, no Moon, snow on the ground


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