Solar statistics 2011

Hello you all, and wonderful and the most succesfull new year!

Year has changed, but the weather hasn’t changed much. It has been continuously cloudy here in Finland, and I haven’t got any observing chances this year – yet.

Nevertheless, I made some summary and statistics of last year’s Solar observations.

Briefly, it looks like this:

  • Amount of observations: 79
  • Amount of observing months: 5
  • average of R: 43.96
  • average of NAE: 0.12
Monthly averages of R and NAE in year 2011

So there has been some activity in the Sun! The most active month was July, when the monthly average of R peaked in 51.05! The highest monthly average of NAE was recorded in August, when it was 0.6.

For complete statistics, please have look at here!


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