2 comments on “The new committee of Porin Karhunvartijat has had it’s start-up meeting

  1. Hei Juha, great to see you have an astro society starting…we also have a new astronomy group here in Pembrokeshire which we started in Oct/Nov 2011… The website of our astro group is : http://www.pasgroup.org.uk/

    Good luck with the meetings

    Hope you saw the recent aurora…Nothing seen down here in Pembrokeshire….

    selkeä taivas ( I hope that’s how you say it)

    Mark Lee…… Pembrokeshire Astronomer :0)

  2. Hei Mark! Actually the association itself has been established already in 1974, but this was just the organizing (or start-up) meeting of the new (executive or directing) committee (or ‘board of directors’) of the association that was elected in December last year! 🙂 The committee will be elected once a year, but mostly the same people are sitting there from year to year! 😀 I guess people trust in us so much that they don’t want change! 😀

    It’s good to see that also you have an astronomical association there in Pembrokeshire! I wish you the most successfull future and clear skies!

    Yes, we have had some good aurorae here about 1,5 weeks ago! They haven’t been there every night, but mayby 1-2 times/month. But it has beel also very arctic weather here, at it’s coldest it was -40 °C! Now it is only -23 °C.

    Selkeä taivas = clear sky,

    Selkeitä taivaita or kirkkaita ilmoja! = Clear skies! 🙂

    So, kirkkaita ilmoja for you! 🙂


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