Aurorae behind the clouds

Some days ago I went out to see, if it would be possible to do any observations. But unfortunately I wasn’t happy to see that thick veil of clouds was covering the sky, only Moon was barely visible. I tried to see, if It would have been possible to make any lunar observations with my telescope, but I had to give up with that because the clouds were too thick. Then I just was standing there in the yard of my apartment and watching the sky..when suddenly I saw something moving! I continued gazing the sky, when a bright aurora belt started to flame around the zenith! It wasn’t visible for long time, but anyway long enough that I could be sure that there really was aurorae! I’m sure that there must have been a great aurorae show going on behind the clouds!

Observing session: #28/11-12
Date: 30/31.1.2012
Time: 21.20-21.45
Place: Sodankylä, Finland
Instruments used: naked eye
Objects observed: none because of poor conditions
Conditions: thick veil of clouds covering the sky, only 47% Moon in western sky at altitude of 27° was barely visible. Some very bright aurorae were also visible through the clouds for a short period of time. -21 °C


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