Observing in coldest weather so far

Few days ago the sky was clear and I went out for observing. It was also rather cold, -23 °C! It had been much colder just few days earlier here in Sodankylä, when the temperature dropped to -40 °C but unfortunately I was then in Turku and I missed the extreme temperatures! In Turku it was then only -25 °C at its coldest.

This time I observed few stars that I hadn’t been observing for long time: U Umi, R Cyg and T Cas. U Umi’s brightness was 10.6 and it is getting brighter. R Cyg is still in it’s minimum and it was beyond the reach of my telescope, it’s brightness was <11.2. T Cas is also getting brighter, now it’s brightness was 8.8.

Although it was cold, it still wasn’t too cold, and I would have wanted to observe even longer, but clouds came before eight in the evening and they forced me to stop observing.

Observing session: #29/11-12
Date: 8/9.2.2012
Time: 18.00-19.45
Place: Sodankylä, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000 mm
Objects observed: U Umi, R Cyg, T Cas
Conditions: NELM: 4.3, SQM 18.34, clear sky, calm, 99% Moon rising in the eastern horizon, -23 °C, clouds came suddenly at ~19.45 and forced me to stop observing.


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