Massive aurora outburst!

Couple of nights ago, there was a huge aurora outburst going on! It was a magnificent all-sky show with lots of bright aurora belts and rays! The aurora belts were moving rapidly in the sky. Once in a while the activity ceased but then started to go up again! The aurorae were there in early evening and they were still there when I had a last look at the sky just before midnight when I went into bed.

Besides aurorae, I observed also Z Uma, which had been getting considerably fainter now! Two weeks ago it’s brightness was 7.8 but now it had dropped to 8.8! it would have been fun to observe even more, but I decided to give up because of poor conditions. There was some some haze in the sky and although the aurorae were a stunning sight, they also had a negative effect on the quality of the sky.

Observing session: #30/11-12
Date: 15/16.2.2012
Time: 18.30-19.50
Place: Sodankylä, Finland
Instruments used: L102/1000 mm
Objects observed: Z Uma, aurora borealis
Conditions: NELM: 4.3, SQM 18.25, clear sky, some haze in the sky, calm, no Moon, -19 °C, bright and active aurora show going on!


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