Aurora borealis 12.3.2012

Observed phenomena: Aurora borealis
Date: 12./13.3.2013
Time: 20:50-22:45
Observing place: Sodankylä, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Camera: Canon EOS 1000D, lens: Samyang 8mm fish eye
Observing conditions: Mostly clear sky
Observed aurora forms:

  • Veil
  • Arc
  • Belt
  • Rays

On 12th of March 2012, another cool aurora show happened in Sodankylä, Finland! The aurorae were pretty bright also this time. The dominant colour was green, but also some red colour was visible in the photos. Dominant aurora forms in this display were belts and rays. In this display, there was two distinct peaks of activity,  the tirst peak of activity happened around 21:15-21:30 and the second one around 21:45-22:00.

The aurora display started with quiet aurora arc in the norther sky around 20:50. Also some isolated rays were visible in the beginning. The first peak of activity started @ 21:15, when the arc suddenly started to brighten, and it quickly transformed into active, complex aurora arc! In this phase, aurorae stretched to zenith. Besides complex, multiple belts, also some fine rays and rayed belts were observed, especially @ 21:30-21:31 a fine rayed belt was visible in northern sky. Soon after this, aurorae faded an they receded back towards northern horizon.

The aurorae remained at northern horizon for a while, until @ 21:45 they started to rise again towards zenith and the second peak of activity started! In this phase, rayed, short aurora belts were dominating the display. These rayed belts were moving well beyond zenith in the sky to the southern sky. After this phase, @ 22:00 the activity faded again, and only some isolated rays remained with aurora veil in the background.


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