Lapinjärvi halo display pt. 2

Observed phenomena: Halo phenomena
Light source: Sun
Origin: High clouds (cirrostratus)
Observed halo forms:

  • 22° halo
  • Upper tangent arc
  • 46° halo
  • Parhelia
  • Parhelic circle
  • 120° parhelia

Date: 11.4.2012
Time: 11:50-12:35
Observing place: Lapinjärvi, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Canon EOS 1000D, Canon EF-S 18-55mm, Samyang 8mm fish eye -lens

The Lapinjärvi halo display of 10th of April got a sequel in 11th of April! Also today a full parhelic circle was visible with both 120° parhelia!

When this display was at it’s best, the parhelic circle was rather bright and so was also the 120° parhelia, and during the best part of the display, both 120° parhelia were visible at the same time! It was really a magnificent halo display!

Here’s some photos from the display of 11.4.2012

More photos here:


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