Transit of Venus 6.6.2012

Observed phenomena: Transit of Venus
Type of observation: Negative
Date and time: 6.6.2012, 04:00-07:50
Observing place: Parainen, Finland
Observing conditions: Cloudy sky

The historical transit of Venus was happening behind clouds!!! Yes, the horrible truth is, that in my observing site, the sky was completely cloudy during the transit. I tried to observe the event in Stormälö, which is an island within the municipality of Parainen, in the Archipelago of Turku, Finland.

There were some holes here and there in the cloud cover, but that wasn’t simply enough that it would have been possible to see anything, so I have to make a negative observation from this one. I have to admit, that I’m disappointed, I was so prepared, and everything was so well planned and everything should have been perfect…but then Mother Nature had some different plans..well, I guess life goes on after this and there will be plenty of celestial phenomenae and events to be seen! Hopefully having better luck next time (althogh it won’t be on observing transit of Venus, but something else..)


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