About observing atmospherical phenomena

Amateur astronomy and observing of atmospherical phenomena as a hobby related to that can be very simple things to pursue. For amateur astronomy all you need is only the interest in astronomy and pair of eyes. Then you just need to find a dark place where you can do some stargazing and admire the beaty of the sky! Sometimes finding a proper, dark sky palce can be very challenging, escpecially if you dwell in a city and you don’t own a car. But this post wasn’t meant to be about finding a good, dark spot for stargazing, but about the simplicity of observing atmospherical phenomena!

Halo phenomenae are just a one example of the huge variety of all kinds of light- and colour phenomenae, that you can see in the sky!

Observing atmospherical phenomena is a hobby related to amateur astronomy, and it is a popular pursuit among the amateur astronomers and other people interested in nature and weather. One reason for that is the fact that here in arctic regions of the world, summer is long and light and stars are not visible at all for many months in a row! Despite the Day Star in the sky, there are also a vast variety of all kinds of atmospherical phenomena that you can observe also during the light summer months! Phenomena included, but not limited to are for example halos, rainbows, pollen coronas, etc.

Observing atmospherical phenomena is also very simple. All you need is a pair of eyes and perhaps a pencil and notebook. Also a small pocket camera might be a handy tool for recording what you have observed. The getting started -requirements are almost as low as they can be in any hobby!

The amount of the phenomena that you can see and observe, is really immense, and it is still possible to find phenomena, that are completely new to science! That is one reason, which makes observing atmospherical phenomena very attractive and interesting! It is also possible to observe these phenomena whenever, where-ever. It is not depending on the phase of the Moon or about the season. They can be seen all year around!

So, that was briefly, that I had in my mind just now. But after reading this post, make sure that you go out, and have look at the sky. Do that often, do it regulary! You might be surprised what you see, and I’m sure, that you will be fascinated! You might even be watching something, that no one else has ever seen!


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