Noctilucent clouds 4./5.7.2012

Observed phenomena: Noctilucent clouds
Observed NLC forms:

  • I (Veil)
  • IIIa (Short, straight and narrow streaks)
  • IIIb (Wave-like structure with undulations)
  • O (Unusual forms)

Brightness of the NLCs: 3 (clearly visible, standing out sharply against the twilight sky)
Colour of the NLCs: pale-blue

Upper limit: 150°
Lower limit: 3°

Apparent direction of movement: west

Date: 4./5.7.2012
Time: 01:00-02:00
Observing place: Turku, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Canon EOS 1100D, Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS, Samyang 8mm fish eye

This NLC display was clearly a display of veil-wave -type. During my observing session, the NLC’s covered most of the area of the sky. There were two distinct, brighter NLC  areas, one in the northern sky, and another at high altitude in southern sky. The NLC area of northern sky ws brighter, and it was dominated by filamented veil (I) and waves (both type IIIb and some IIIa). Also some turbulent forms (O) were present in this northern NLC area. The southern NLC area was fainter and smaller than the northern one, and it was consisted of patchy-wave -looking forms, that doesn’t clearly fit in the NLC classification.


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