Noctilucent clouds 27./28.7.2012

Observed phenomena: Noctilucent clouds
Observed NLC forms:

  • I (Veil)
  • IIIa (Waves, short, straight and narrow streaks)
  • IIIb (Wave-like structure with undulations)
  • O (Unusual forms)

Brightness of the NLCs: 3 (clearly visible, standing out sharply against the twilight sky)

Date: 27./28.7.2012
Time: 01:30-03:30
Observing place: Perniö, Salo, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Camera Canon EOS 1100D, lens Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS, Samyang 8mm fish eye

The NLC display of the second night of Cygnus 2013 -convention. This time I noticed the NLC’s @ 01:30 and observed them until 03:30. In the middle of the NLC observing, I observed also variable stars. Tonights display was pretty much similar than last nights. During early night, the NLC’s were at low altitude in the northern sky, but they rose higher later. The colour of the NLC’s was clearly pale blue.

This display was clearly veil (I)+wave (III) -type display. In the early evening, the display was consisted of veil (I) and waves (IIIa and b). The waves were transforming into undefined, turbulent-looking form (O). Later the NLC’s rose higher in the sky towards zenith. In this phase, veil (I) and turbulent forms (O) dominated the display, and only couple of small wave -sets were visible.


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