Cygnus 2012 was succesfully organized in Salo, Finland

Sunset at the Cygnus -convention in Friday 27.7.2012

The traditional Cygnus -convention of Finnish amateur astronomers was organized this time in 26.-27.7.2012 in the Naarila conference center situated in Perniö, Salo, SW Finland. The main organizers of the convention were Turun Ursa (the local club of amateur astronomers in Turku, Finland) and Salonseudun UrSalo (the local club of amateur astronomers in Turku, Finland). During the first day of the convention, participants could go and have guided tour in observatories of Turun Ursa  in Kevola, Paimio  and Salonseudun UrSalo in Halikko, Salo.

In the meeting, there were in total 123 participants [1]. The convention was very succesfull and the facilities were great! In the event place, there were lots of space for camping and observing. This Cygnus -convention was the 25th anniversary of the Cygnus -conventions. The first ever Cygnus -convention was organized in 1987 in Imatra, Finland.

The programme of the meeting was also this time very interesting, including for example the lecture about stellar evolution given by Ph.D. Seppo Katajainen from the Tuorla observatory. A great astronomical knowledge quiz, this time called “Cursus Scientia Cygni”, was organized in the saturday evening. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate in that because I had to leave already in saturday evening.

The weather was great during the whole meeting, and there was something for everyone! The Sun was shining a lot and it was possible to observe our daystar but also the friends of thunderstorms were able to witness one of the most intense thunderstorm so far this year in the saturday evening! Also halos and noctilucent clouds were observed during the meeting.

If interested, you can have a look of my photos from the event here!

[1] (in Finnish)


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