11./12.8.2012 – observing in Tähtikallio observatory

Date: 11./12.8.2012
Time: 23:40-02:30
Observing site: Tähtikallio observatory, Finland
Instrument: C 400/4195mm (16” Catadioptric)

NELM: 5,6
SQM: 20,64
Darkness of the background sky: 3
Seeing: –
Transparency: 2
Weather: Mostly clear sky, calm, crescent Moon at low altitude in eastern horizon, 11°C, clouds interrupted observing roughly at 02:30,

Objects observed: Z And (visual), R Cyg (visual)

This session happened during the meeting of the atmospheric phenomena -section in the Tähtikallio Observatory, Artjärvi, Finland. During the first night the sky was clear only for a short moment, but during the second night the sky was clear for long enough time so that it was possible to do observations! Unfortunately I had forget the accessory tray of my telescope (which is also part of the supporting structures of the tripod) in home, and I wasn’t able to observe with my own scope. But it wasn’t a problem, because I was able to make observations with the telescopes of the observatory.The only challenge was the fact, that I haven’t been really observing with the Tähtikallio scopes before this, and thus I don’t really have any routine of observing with these scopes. This time my choice was the 16” Meade, because it is much like the 11” Celestron in Ulvila Observatory, which I have been using a lot!

Because of this, the night was spent mostly on learning the scope and getting a feeling about how it is functioning.

Neverhteless, I was able to do to observations, I observed Z And and R Tri and I noticed that both stars are getting fainter. When I checked Z And last time, it was about 9 mag in February, but now the brightness had dropped to 10.1. I observed R Cyg last time in the Cygnus -convention two weeks ago, and the brightness of the star had decreased about a magnitude to 9.5. When I started to observe R Cyg, the clouds had already appeared in the sky, but I was still able to observe the star, but after observing it, I decided to go sleeping.

While observing variable stars, I was also able to see some meteors of the Perseids -meteor shower, but I wasn’t really observing them this time.

Variable star observations:

Date Time Star Mag. Comp.
11./12.8.2012 01.10 Z And 10.1 9.1/10.4
11./12.8.2012 02.20 R Cyg 9.5 9.5/9.9

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