The Finnish Atmospheric Optics Convention ’12 in Tähtikallio Observatory, Artjärvi, Finland

The Finnish atmospheric optics enthusiasts gathered to the traditional annual meeting, that was organized in the Tähtikallio Observatory, Artjärvi, Finland 10.-12.8.2012. This time the meeting was close to the maximum of the Perseid -meteor shower, and the participants were able to observe many meteors, especially during the second night of the meeting.

The weather was favourable especially during the night between Saturday/Sunday, Friday/Saturday night was mosty cloudy, although it got clear for a short moment, but the window was too short for making any real observations.

The meeting was really succesfull! About 13 atmospheric enthusiasts participated the meeting. In the meeting, we heard several lectures and panel -discussions. For example, Panu Lahtinen demonstrated his halo stack -software. Veikko Mäkelä gave a lecture about the results of this year NLC -season so far and I gave two short presentations too, one about the ‘Halo April’ -observation campaign of the Atmospheric optics -section of Ursa and about the pollen coronas observed in May and June 2012.

During the meeting, I was about to do observations with my 4” refractor, but I had unfortunately forgot the accessory tray of the tripod home, so my scope was out of use. It wasn’t a big problem anyway, I made few observations with the 16” Meade of Tähtikallio. The observing session wasn’t actually very effective one, most of the time was used learning to use the scope and getting a feeling about how it is functioning.

More photos from the event can be found here!


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