Observing in exceptionally warm weather 11./12.9.2012

Date: 11./12.9.2012
Time: 23:00-00:40
Observing site: Länsi-Aure, Kuru, Finland
Instrument: L102/1000mm (4” refractor)

NELM: 6,5
SQM: 21,21
Darkness of the background sky: 2
Seeing: 2
Transparency: 1
Weather: Partly cloudy sky, light wind, no Moon, 12°C

Objects observed: Messier 71 (visual, sketching), U Umi (visual)

During this session, I had opportunity to observe in exceptionally warm weather, this time temperature was +12C, which is pretty good for a night time temperature in this time of the year!This time clouds were interfering, but still I was able to do some observations. This time the sky was truly dark, but humidity was high. This time I observed star U Umi and sketched globular cluster Messier 71 in constellation of Sagitta.

Messier 71: @62x, fairly bright globular cluster, which was visible as a fuzzy sphere. It seems that there is a W-E -oriented bar in the cluster that is brighter than the rest of the cluster. When gazing the cluster with averted vision, the cluster looks granulated and it is possible to see glimpse of some individual stars of the cluster.

Messier 71 observed with 4'' Refractor
Messier 71 observed with 4” Refractor

Variable star observations:

Date Time Star Mag. Comp.
11./12.9.2012 23.35 U Umi 10.6 10.6

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