Meeting of the Finnish Deep Sky Observers 14.-16.9.2012

The participants of the 20th Deep sky -meeting. Photo: © Juha Ojanperä.

The observers and deep sky -enthusiasts of the Finnish astronomical society Ursa had gathered to the Tähtikallio Observatory Center in Artjärvi, Southern Finland to their traditional meeting in 14.-16.9.2012. This time the meeting was also the 20th anniversary of the meetings! The first deep sky -meeting was organized in 1992 in Hartola, Finland. This time the amount of participants was about 25.

In the meeting, sky was cloudy during the first night, but during the second night, sky was absolutely brilliantly clear, and many observations were made and astrophotos taken! For example, I was making observations with the 16” Meade of Tähtikallio, and I was observing and sketching NGC 7331, Hickson 92 and 94. And while observing, I was also showing these magnificent celestial wonders for other interested people! The observing conditions were rather good, SQM was 21,28 and NELM 6,6!

During the meeting, we heard also many interesting lectures, that include for example the lecture given by Riku Henrikksson about the interesting and very challenging objects of our Local group and the lecture about Supernovas of type Ia given by Arto Oksanen. Also the traditional observation review and knowledge quiz were organized, this time by the new section leader, Toni Veikkolainen.

This 2oth deep sky -meeting was a really good and succesfull, the atmosphere was wonderful and lectures were interesting! Big thanks for everyone for this meeting! It is good to carry on from this point to the future!


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