Deep sky -observing in Seitseminen National Park, Finland 17./18.9.2012

Date: 17./18.9.2012
Time: 00:30-02:30
Observing site: Visitor Centre, Seitseminen National Park, Finland
Instrument: L102/1000mm

NELM: 6,6
SQM: 21,35
Darkness of the background sky: 2
Seeing: 2
Transparency: 1
Weather: Clear sky, moderate wind, no Moon, humid air, +3 °C

Objects observed: Messier 36 (visual, sketching)

The sky got clear just in time and I was able to try some observing. The sky was relatively dark, and I tried to observe some a little bit more challenging objects. This time I tried to observe emission/reflection nebula IC 405 (Flaming star nebula) in Auriga and emission nebula NGC 1499 (California nebula) in Perseus, but even after trying O III and UHC filters, I couldn’t see the objects, not even with sweeping and with averted vision.

Because I had to go sleeping soon, I decided to observe at least something, and I ended up observing and sketching open cluster Messier 36 in Auriga, because my telescope was already aimed at that direction.

With my 4” refractor, Messier 36 appears to be bright and pretty well concentrated open cluster. Many stars of the cluster seems to be in pairs. The cluster is well detached from it’s background and it has mediocre brightness range. There is a glow of fainter stars visible in the background of the cluster. The cluster is easy to find and is a really good object to observe visually, and it is excellent target for small instruments.

Messier 36 observed 17./18.9.2012 in Seitseminen National Park with L102/1000mm @ 67x
Messier 36 observed with 4” refractor @ 67x

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