Observing in Ulvila Observatory 12./13.9.2012

Date: 12.-13.9.2012
Time: 22:30-02:30
Observing site: Ulvila Observatory, Finland
Instrument: C280/2750mm

NELM: 6,0
SQM: 20,73
Darkness of the background sky: 2
Seeing: 2
Transparency: 3
Weather: Clear sky, light wind, no Moon, humid air, +9 °C

Objects observed: Jupiter (visual, sketching), SS Cyg (visual), T Cas (visual), T Ari (visual)

During this session, I was able to make some observations in the Ulvila Observatory. From the observatory, there is open view to every direction, but the light pollution situation is quite bad in this place, and it means, that the Observatory is not ideal for observing objects of the deep sky. And that’s why I observed mostly variable stars during this session. This time the stars that I observed were SS Cyg, T Cas and T Ari. SS Cyg is now back to it’s minimu brigthtness and T Cas is getting fainter. T Ari has been severely underobserved during few last months, but it’s still possible to see from the AAVSO light curve, that the star is getting fainter. Besides variable stars, I also observed and sketched planet Jupiter, which was shining brightly in southern sky.

Jupiter observed in Ulvila Observatory 12./13.9.2012 with C280/2750mm Celestron -telescope @ 110x.

Variable star observations:

Date Time Star Mag. Comp.
12./13.9.2012 23.53 SS Cyg 12.4 12.3
12./13.9.2012 00.55 T Cas 9.0 8.8/11.0
12./13.9.2012 01.32 T Ari 9.4 9.5/9.7

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