Lunar sketching 20./21.2.2013

Date: 20./21.2.2013
Time: 20:15-20:45
Observing site: Aureskoski, Parkano, Finland
Instrument: L102/1000mm (4” Refractor)

NELM: 5,3
SQM: 19,09
Darkness of the background sky: 5
Seeing: 2
Transparency: 2
Weather: Clear sky, -3 °C, cold eastern breeze

Objects observed: Moon (Montes Jura and Sinus Iridum) (visual, sketching); R Tri (visual)

This time the sky got clear first time in many weeks! This winter, and especially February so far, has been record-breaking cloudy here in Finland! Last time it has been this cloudy in winter in 1987-88!

This time I went to observing to Sammalneva peat “mine” in Aureskoski, Parkano, Finland. Sammalneva is a place where organic peat is being harvested, or just simply dug from the peat bog to be used in many practical applications like producing fuel.

The place is a really good place also for doing astronomical observations. In this place, there is open horizon to every direction and no light pollution!

To my surprise, the road to this site was open, and actually there were two men transporting peat from the site to customers! I chatted with the men and showed them the Moon!

This time I observed the Moon, whose phase was about 76%. Also the Sinus Iridum and the Montes Jura were well visible in the terminator -region on the Moon, and I decided to sketch this wonderful region of the Moon! You can see a description of the sketch and the sketch itself a little bit downwards.

Sinus Iridum and Montes Jura
Sinus Iridum and Montes Jura

About the sketch: this sketch was made with graphitone pencil and HB pencil. After making the sketch outside, I just scanned it into my computer and enhanced the contrast of the sketch a little with Paint Shop Pro -graphics editor, and that’s it!

Besides lunar sketching, I also did my first variable star observation since autumn 2012! This time I observed star R Tri, which is still visible in the western sky in the evenings in this time of year.

Variable star observations:

Date                  Time               Star               Mag.               Comp.
21.2.2013          21.00             R Tri              8.2                  8.0/9.7


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