April lunar eclipse 2013 was seen in Finland

Observed phenomena: Lunar eclipse
Type of eclipse: Partial Lunar eclipse
Type of observation: Positive
Date and time: 25.4.2013, 22:35-00:10
Observing place: Turku, Finland
Observing conditions: Clear sky
Observing instruments: Camera: Canon EOS 1100D, Telescope: L80/400mm (3” refractor)

Before this partial lunar eclipse, there had been four lunar eclipses that I couldn’t observe because of cloudy sky or otherwise poor observing conditions, but this time I was finally lucky, and I managed to observe the partial lunar eclipse of April 2013!

This eclipse was only a shallow one, the Moon didn’t dive very deep in the shadow of Earth. Only a slight segment of the upper edge of the Moon was in the umbra during the maximum eclipse. But before and after the umbral -phase of the eclipse, the penumbra was visible on the upper edge of the Moon. The penumbra wasn’t very dark, but it was still visible.


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