Pyramide halo display 16.5.2013

Observed phenomena: Halo phenomena
Light source: Sun
Origin: High clouds (cirrostratus)
Observed halo forms:

  • 22° halo
  • Upper tangent arc
  • Lower tangent arc
  • Upper 23° parhelia
  • 18° parhelia

Date: 16.5.2013
Time: 13:35-16:40
Observing place: Turku, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Olympus μ 1030 sw

On 16th of May 2013 I noticed a diffuse -looking upper tangent arc in the sky of Turku. I observed that halo for several hours, and then I thought that perhaps it is not an ordinary upper tangent but an upper 23° parhelia. I’m pretty convinced, that there was also an ordinary upper tangent arc, because I observed also a lower tangent arc in the sky. For a short while, I observed also a weak 22° halo. In the photos, that I took at 16:00, there was also a short arc-like spot in upright position. I interpret, that it could have been a 18° parhelia.

The upper 23° parhelia -interpretation gets support from other observations from Finland on that day. On 16th of May 2013, many observers reported pyramide halo sightings from many localities in southern Finland.


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