Atmospheric Optics -meeting was organized in stormy weather

Meeting of the Finnish atmospheric optics -observers was organized in 17.-19.5.2013 at the Tähtikallio Observatory Center in Artjärvi, Southern Finland. The amount of the participants was little bit higher than in the last year’s meeting. This year in total 15 atmospheric optics -enthusiasts participated the meeting.

The meeting started already on Friday, but the programme really started-up on Saturday. On saturday, we heard many interesting lectures. For example, the topics included:

  • Demonstration of the new version of Halo Stack software by Panu Lahtinen
  • Results of the Halo April -observing campaign (Juha Ojanperä)
  • Instructions and hints for observing noctilucent clouds (Veikko Mäkelä)
  • About HDR -teqhnicue in photographing atmospherical phenomena (Juha Ojanperä)
  • The pilot project of reorganizing the section web pages (Veikko Mäkelä)
  • Current issues on Taivaanvahti -online observation database (Marko Pekkola)

Besides this formally organized programme, we got a chance to observe the first really good thunderstorm this summer in the night between Saturday and Sunday! The thunderstorm appeared just like on order to the meeting!


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