The first thunderstorm of summer 2013

Observed phenomena: Thunderstorm
Observed storm phenomena:

  • Intense lightning
  • Mammatus clouds
  • Shelf cloud ahead of the cumulonimbus
  • Intense rain

Date: 18./19.5.2013
Time: 21:50-01:00
Observing place: Orimattila, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Canon EOS 1100D, objective: Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS

The very first thunderstorm of summer 2013 happened during the Atmospheric Optics -meeting in the night between Saturday and Sunday. In the evening, Marja Wallin noticed, that it’s thundering and alarmed us! We went out to the observing platform to do some stormspotting! The storm started-up slowly, but the it got more intensive and it moved towards us! In this phase we observed also some mammatus clouds in the approaching cumulonimbus. Soon the night got very dark, and lightnings were flashing frequently! Ahead of the approaching cumulonimbus, we observed a shelf cloud. The shelf cloud approached slowly, but eventually it passed us, and the strong wind started to blow! Soon after that, it started raining heavily, and the storm was just above us! Then we observed many lightnings very near us, and some of them hit very close to us! After this, the storm receded, and then the thundering ended and it was just raining.


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