Cygnus -summer meeting of the amateur astronomers of Finland was organized in Vihti 25.7.-28.7.2013

The traditional Cygnus -summer meeting of Finnish amateur astronomers was organized this year between 25th and 28th of July 2013 in Vihti, Southern Finland. The main local organizer of the event was the local astronomy club Kirkkonummen Komeetta (The Comet of Kirkkonummi) and national Ursa astronomical association. The event site was the summer camp site of the local parish. The site was located in the village of Ojakkala, in the shores of the Enäjärvi -lake. Weather was fine during the whole event, only friday it was raining. The amount of participants was about 150, which is clearly higher number than last year!

And because this event is organized in late-July, the nights are already getting darker, and it is possible to do some astronomical observations already! During the nights of the meeting, we did some observing together in the yard of the site, and the atmosphere was just like in some big American star partyes!

The programme was very interesting also this year! For example, lectures were given on following topics: T Pyxidis -recurrent nova (Arto Oksanen), the Moon race of the cold war between USA and USSR (Hannu Määttänen) and a lecture given by professional astrobiologist Kirsi Lehto about the new directions of the astrobiological studies. Also the Stella Arcti -awards were granted in this Cygnus -meeting. The award-winning amateur astronomers this year were Iiro Sairanen (awarded for meritorious, long-lasting visual deep sky observing) and Lauri Kangas (awarded for his active participation in amateur astronomy activities in various ways). Usually these awards have been granted in the Tähtipäivät -event, but it wasn’t organized this year, and that’s why they were granted now in the Cygnus -meeting.

After the event had ended, we had also an opportunity to visit the Komakallio -observatory center of the local astronomy club Kirkkonummen Komeetta (the Comet of Kirkkonummi) that was the main organizer of the Cygnus -meeting. In the site, there are four telescopes in minimalistic sheds. Besides this, they have also a small but warm control room for the telescopes with facilities for overnight stay for three persons. This observatory center is located very close to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, but the site is nevertheless dark enough for making good astronomical observations!

I think this event was very succesfull, and it was fun to participate!

Copyright of the photos: © Juha Ojanperä


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