First night of Deep sky -meeting 2013

Date: 6./7.9.2013
Time: 22:00-05:00
Observing site: Tähtikallio Observatory, Finland
Instrument: N910/3680mm (36” Folded-newton)

NELM: 6.6
SQM: 21.20
Darkness of the background sky: 1
Seeing: 2
Transparency: 1
Weather: Clear sky, +10 °C, calm, no Moon, no aurorae

Objects observed: IC 1296 (visual, sketching), Parsamian 21 (visual, sketching), Abell 4 (visual, sketching)

During the first night of Deep sky -meeting 2013, we were observing visually together with Riku Henriksson and Marko Tuhkunen with the 36” Astrofox -telescope.

IC 1296


IC 1296 is a small and faint spiral galaxy only 4′ NW of Messier 57, and it is overlooked by many. This galaxy appears as an elongated, fuzzy nebula with almost stellar core. The long axis of this galaxy is oriented in SW-NE -direction, so this galaxy is oriented in similar way than Messier 57. With averted vision, it is possible to see hints of spiral structure in the NW and SE sides of the galaxy.

Parsamian 21


Parsamian 21 is a small reflection nebula in the constellation of Aquila. There aren’t many visual observations of this object in the whole world yet, and with Riku Henriksson, we propably made the first visual observations of this object in Europe, or even the whole world!

This small reflection nebula was relatively easy to see visually with this instrument. The object has a really comet-like appearance! The nebula has a tail pointing northwards roughly to position angle 360°. The star lighting-up this nebula is embedded within the ‘head’ of the nebula. The star itself wasn’t visible visually.

Abell 4


Abell 4 is a small planetary nebula in Perseus, only about 40′ east of Messier 34. With OIII -filter, this planetary nebula was visible as a round, featureless disk. With the filter, the nebula was easy to see. The central star wasn’t visible.


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