Upper Sunvex Parry Arc 19.4.2014

Observed phenomena: Halo phenomena
Light source: Sun
Origin: High clouds (cirrostratus)
Observed halo forms:

  • 22° halo
  • Parhelia
  • Sun pillar
  • Upper 22° tangent arc
  • Circumzenithal arc
  • Supralateral arc
  • Upper Sunvex Parry arc

Date: 19.4.2014
Time: 20:05-20:30
Observing place: Ulvila, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Olympus μ 1030 sw

During Holy saturday of 2014 (19th of April) only an ordinary 22° halo was visible in the sky of Ulvila. But later in the evening, I was able to see something spectacular! I observed a bright and well -developed upper 22° tangent arc, and I thought that could there be a possibility, that a Parry arc would appear inside the curved tangent arc? After some gazing, another arc really started to develop inside the bowl of tangent arc! And there it was, my first ever upper sunvex Parry arc! And it was very well developed and bright, and it appeared in high clouds! These guys are really rare sights in high clouds! What a wonderful way to end an otherwise quite booring halo day! Thank you Mother nature!


One thought on “Upper Sunvex Parry Arc 19.4.2014

  1. Alex Autin April 21, 2014 / 14:07

    WOW! Beautiful, and very nicely captured, nice work!

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