Here they are, my new binoculars! From now on, I’ll be focusing on variable star observing with binoculars! The pair of binoculars that I bought are Helios 10×50 and the field of view of the binos is 6,5°. The binos are quite light, and observing with them is pleasent. I still have to make a real test under dark sky to get conclusive results.

The stars that I’ll be monitoring from now on are: rho Cas, Mu Cep, W Cyg, TV Psc, Y CVn, g Her, Psi 1 Aur and UU Aur. All of these stars are somekind of semiregular variables, and they all have quite small amplitude, and it’s possible for me to observe these stars throughout the entire cycle of light variations! All of these stars are included in the binocular program of AAVSO, and most of them are included in LPV Legacy- and LPV -programs as well.

Now I’m anxiously waiting for the dark nights to come…

My new Helios 10x50 binos.
My new Helios 10×50 binos.

2 thoughts on “Binoculars!

  1. Gustav Holmberg June 30, 2014 / 09:13

    Great! I like binoculars for the observation of variables, in fact I have, in total, made more observations with my binoculars than with telescopes. They are quicker, at least for me, than telescopes, so I get more observations done.

    Good selection of stars! As you say, you’ll be able to cover their whole range of variation. Also, there are almost always a couple of miras close to max that can be observed with binoculars. I follow T Cep, R Dra, R And, R Tri, R Aql, chi Cyg thorugh max using binos.

    Good luck with your new instrument! Hope you’ll get some dark skies. What latitude are you at? I’m in southern Sweden at 55degrees 42′.


    • Juha Ojanperä June 30, 2014 / 09:58

      Hello Gustav and thanks for comment! Yes, there are more miras that are best observed with binoculars around their maximum. During last observing season, I was still observing mira -stars with a telescope, but because I live in an apartment house, it is quite difficult for me to get myself observing with telescope. That’s why I bought binoculars, now I can observe even from my balcony! Luckily I have pretty dark skies here, NELM is usually about 5,3-5,5. I’m living and observing in Turku (Åbo på svenska), Southwestern Finland at latitude 60. The sky is still too light for any serious observing, but it’s getting darker in late July.

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