Happy birthday, blog!

Happy birthday, blog!

I just realized, that I have been blogging now for six years! Actually the date when I began blogging was 29th of June 2008. So this is a bit late, but anyway, I’ll post this!

I started blogging in late June 2008 in Finnish with the old blog called Taivaanpallo in Blogspot. It means Celestial Sphere in Finnish. I kept blogging in Finnish up to late 2010 when I started a new blog in English. The new blog was called Celestial Sphere. In late 2011 I started a new blog in WordPress and transferred the contents of the old blogs from Blogspot to WordPress. Then I discontinued and deleted the old blogs entirely. Since that I have been blogging here in WordPress!

Thanks for all of you who have shown interest to my blog and have stayed with me! I really appreciate it!

Now nights are getting gradually darked here up north, and the season of noctilucent clouds has started! I’ll be observing them whenever I can, and then I’ll be blogging here about the best and most interesting displays!

With sunny greetings,



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