Deep sky -meeting 2014

The traditional deep sky -meeting was organized this year between 19th and 21st of September in Tähtikallio observatory center, Finland. The event has been organized in this place since 2006. Before that, the location of the event was quite variable. This year the event was quite popular, as about 35 people attended the event during the weekend. The programme of the event consisted of lectures, but also of relaxed socializing and observing. This year we were lucky, and we could be observing during the both nights of the event! The only negative thing was that our 36” Astrofox -telescope was out of order, because there was some problems with the clock drive. But the 16” Meade and the 24” Obsession were in active use along with many other portable telescopes.

The formal programme of the event was organized on Saturday. On Saturday, Toni Veikkolainen opened the day with his review about the observations made by the section members during the last observing season. After Toni, Riku Henriksson gave as an informative lecture about his observing conditions- and weather monitoring project in Kylmäkoski. The next program number was section meeting, where current issues of the deep sky -section were discussed about. After the meeting followed my presentation about the large scale structure of the Universe. After this, Samuli Vuorinen gave a presentation about his astrophotography plans. The formal programme was finished with quite informal, but traditional deep sky quiz! This time the winner was an experienced veteran member, Veikko Mäkelä.

Group photo of Deep sky -meeting 2014. Photo: Juha Ojanperä.
Group photo of Deep sky -meeting 2014. Photo: Juha Ojanperä.

Besides the formal programme, we were able to make some observations during both nights of the event. I wrote two separate articles about the observations that I made during the event:


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