Observing during the Deep sky -meeting 2014, part 1

Date: 19./20.9.2014
Time: 22:00-02:00
Observing site: Tähtikallio observatory, Finland
Instrument: C416/4064mm (16” Meade)

NELM: 6.0
SQM: 21.20
Darkness of the background sky: 2
Seeing: 2
Transparency: 2
Weather: Clear sky, calm, warm, humid air

Objects observed: IC 10

During the first night of Deep sky meeting 2014 I was observing with 16” Meade, but I was able to make only one proper observation. Most of the time was spent in watchint eye-candy stuff, like Messier 57. Observing conditions were OK, although there was occasionally some clouds in the sky. IC 10 is a dwarf galaxy in the edge of our Local Group. The galaxy could be more closely attached to the nearby Maffei -group.

IC 10 observed with 10'' Catadioptric.
IC 10 observed with 10” Catadioptric.

Here are my notes about IC 10:

@ 97x: IC 10 is visible as a very faint, fuzzy, nebulous spot. The object seems to be slightly elongated in W-E -direction. The object is best visible with averted vision. A difficult target even for a telescope of this size.

@ 239x: The nebulosity vanishes, but the faint stars superimposed the target become visible and the target looks granulated, just like any faint open cluster.


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