Wonderful display of northern lights 17./18.3.2015

Observed phenomena: Aurora borealis
Date: 17./18.3.2015
Time: 17:25-21:00 UT
Observing place: Kuusamo, Finland
Observing method: Photography
Technical information about photographing equipment: Camera: Canon EOS 1100D, lens: Samyang 8mm fish eye
Observing conditions: Clear sky, no Moon
Observed aurora forms:

  • Veil
  • Belt
  • Rays
  • Corona

Couple of days ago a massive eruption happened in the Sun in massive sunspot group AR 2297. The particles ejected by the eruption reached Earth early in the morning (Finnish time) in 17th of March. The particles launched a massive geomagnetic storm all over the planet. The storm generated very colourful and stunning northern lights all over the Northern hemisphere, and Finland was no exception. I was observing this magnificent natural light show in Kuusamo, Northeastern Finland. In Kuusamo, northern lights appeared in the sky already at 17.25 UT when the sky wasn’t even properly dark yet! During the night, I observed two different substorms with really bright and active northern lights! The display was at least as good as the one that I observed in March of 2013 in Turku, Finland.


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