The solar eclipse of March 20th 2015 was observed in Finland

  • Observed phenomena: Solar eclipse
  • Type of eclipse: Partial, 87,7%
  • Type of observation: Positive
  • Date and time: 20.3.2015; 09:05-11:17 UT
  • Observing place: Kiiminki, Oulu, Finland
  • Observing method: Photography
  • Technical information about photographing equipment: Camera: Canon EOS 1100D, telescope: refractor 4”/f9.8 (L102/1000mm), AstroSolar-filter
  • Observing conditions: Clear sky most of the time

The weather forecast for the site I’m still dwelling (Kuusamo, Northeastern Finland) weren’t very promising for the eclipse day, but instead the sky was predicted to be totally clear in Oulu region (200 km southwest from Kuusamo) according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute. In the early hours of March 20th, I woke up and made a decision to drive to Oulu to observe the eclipse. I was driving towards Oulu when sky totally cleared up, and I decided to stay in village of Kiiminki 20km northeast of Oulu to observe the eclipse. I was observing in a parking lot of a service station/gas station in Kiiminki. The place was busy with lot’s of people, but it offered an open view towards southern sky.

The sky was totally clear during most of the duration of the eclipse. Only during late eclipse some clouds interfered a little. During maximum eclipse I could easily observe how the intensity of the light decreased, and somekind of twilight appeared. But very soon after the maximum eclipse, the lighting returned back to normal full daylight lighting. It appears to be so, that the effect of the eclipse to the lighting of the landscape and environment can be observed only in eclipses that are at least as deep as this one was (87,7%) or deeper. So, this was a succesfull attempt in observing this relatively rare natural phenomena!

I’m convinced that I made the right decision to drive 200 kilometers after the eclipse, because weather was totally cloudy here in Kuusamo according to the locals. Here’s a photo of the eclipsed Sun during the maximum eclipse.

@ 10:11 UT, maximum eclipse
@ 10:11 UT, maximum eclipse
A series of photos showing the progress of the eclipse.

2 thoughts on “The solar eclipse of March 20th 2015 was observed in Finland

  1. FlyTrapMan March 20, 2015 / 21:33

    Nice image! Sometimes taking a chance pays off. I have pretty horrible luck when it comes to clouds. The transit of Venus was the last time I was majorly screwed by horrible weather.

    • Juha Ojanperä March 20, 2015 / 23:14

      Yes, this time it paid off! Also my attempt at observing the transit of Venus was totally ruined by clouds. I just couldn’t see a glimpse of the thing! So success at this time compensated the failure last time! 🙂

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